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Health and Fitness Issues Regarding Hand and Wrist Pain

There is probably no worse aggravation than having hand or wrist pains and you do not realize just how important your hands are until you are unable to use them because they hurt so dog-gone badly. Just because you are in pain, does not mean you have severe arthritis or carpal tunnel, you may very well just have strained them from overuse or repetitious motion.With all the technology we have now days, it’s very easy to strain your hands by trying to work the key-board on a mobile phone, or worse typing all day on a key board, but there are solutions to these problems and one of them, the one I ,most prefer also has something to do with technology. That’s right, I use technology to overcome the forces from the very technology that is hurting my hands and challenging my dexterity.For instance, instead of typing all day on the key-board, why not invest in some voice recognition software. There are several versions to choose from; IBM makes a very powerful speech recognition software package. Microsoft includes it in their Vista Operating system, for both navigation and for use in word processor and email programs. Better yet, why not go buy the Dragon Naturally Speaking 10.0 and load that software on your computer.Using voice activated software will prevent you from having pain in your wrists and hands and save you from health or fitness problems down the road. Boy, it’s sure helped me, I no longer have pain in my wrists or hands since I switched my writing to speech recognition rather than typing for hours on the keyboard of my computer. Please think on this.