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How Can You Tell When the News Media Is Full Of Beans – When Reporters Interview Each Other

Do you remember the Debt Crisis and Government Shut Down of October 2013? Well, there was a lot in the media about all that. In fact, they ran it as the leading story night after night on all the news stations. CNN was one of the main commotion creators. Interestingly enough, rather than interviewing anyone of substance, more often than not, they interviewed themselves, or the other non-anchored or anchored reporters of other parts of the news. Why? Well, because they needed to fill up all that 24/7 air time, and since no one was talking to them, they just talked to themselves? Okay so, let’s talk about this shall we?

First, let’s not pick only on CNN, as they are only one of many TV news providers. Indeed, all the cable TV news was doing essentially the same thing, but I ask, is this really news? Or is it opinion. A similar strategy that week I noted on NBC and it was even more hilarious mostly due to the socialist-liberal-Democrat slant. And don’t get me wrong, the right-leaning news, FOX for instance, occasionally does the same thing – albeit without all the hardcore political correctness, so no one is in the clear on this – but why I ask?

Well, it’s hard to say except that after they are done force feeding everyone their opinions, then they have the audacity to take a pole and ask everyone what they think, you know the listeners, who at that point are pointlessly brain-washed, but in doing the surveys on Twitter, or on a website, everyone is able to stay on their side of the political divide, very comfortably I might add, reinforcing their views – the views and opinions repeated over and over by very nice looking and articulate reporters, even if those reporters have no real clue as to what’s going on.

Indeed, if those reporters had actual interviews they might know and have more insight, but then they’d have to adjust their opinion – oh my – you mean actually report the real news and not just opinion? At some point those who might be interviewed are tired of the distorted news, and simply refuse the request or in this case of the government shut down, they are busy actually working on the problem, rather than splathering their opinions on the TV cable news.

So, remember, shut off the TV if the Cable news channel starts interviewing its own reporters, don’t waste your brain space, it’s all just sound and fury, and although often addicting, don’t you really have better things to do? Think for yourself, don’t adopt the cable TV news opinion, you are better than that.